Saturday, December 12, 2015

Harbinger | Episode I

Harbinger (Episode I) is finally out.
Let me pause a moment to savor this like it deserves to be savored. 
I'm especially pleased because after a couple of rough years in my personal life and after almost losing my father which I sincerely admit hit me pretty hard, I managed to get back on the saddle or more accurately behind the cockpit to actually finish the job. There was a point when I considered giving up the sci fi genre altogether and focusing on my grimdark stories but a good number of friends and fans lobbied for the series to continue even if my mind was drifting to other stuff. Eventually I found the time to get on with it well over three years since FC reloaded was printed. Well... the job is not quite done as this turned out to be a longer story than I had expected or remembered (hence the split roughly at the middle) and you can well imagine my surprise when I started (re) reading my notes and realized it. Haha, but by then it was too late as they say. The second part will be out inside 2016.
So no worries.



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