Saturday, August 12, 2017

The return of the King

   It's difficult to return to a well-loved character at times. Or a hated one I suppose. Anyway it's difficult as I said. Either because you want to do right (by him), avoid spoiling a good thing or you just fear the daunting aspect of the second installment in a series. So you dawdle much as you can, find another equally interesting project and start thinking about it, put the first touches on this new story and feel rather good for a while. But you can't do that with all the characters. Cast them aside that is. Especially with Tot. Tot would have none of this crap. He'll push back and fight stubbornly to the last gasp, then threaten you with dismemberment and any other form of torture until you give in.
   Ah, the wonderful life of writers.
   I'm kidding of course...
   for the most part.

   Let's just forget about the whole thing :)



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